Information by Project

Title Point of Contact Project Value Project Status
Academic Complex (PDF icon Academic.pdf) Jennifer Price (704-687-0518) $21,000,000 Construction
Admissions and Visitors Center (PDF icon Admissions.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $8,000,000 Bidding
Baseball Indoor Training Facility (PDF icon Baseball.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $850,000 Planning
Belk Plaza Revitalization (PDF icon Belk Plaza.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $3,000,000 Bidding
Burson Renovation (PDF icon Burson Reno.pdf) Doug Walters (704-687-0523) $13,233,382 Construction
Campus Circulation Improvements (PDF icon Campus Circulation.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $1,000,000 Bidding
Campus Infrastructure Renewal (PDF icon Campus Infrastructure Renewal.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $1,999,995 Bidding
Campus Storm Water (Toby Creek) (PDF icon Storm Water Improve Toby.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $850,000 Planning
Campus Storm Water Improvements (Davis Lake) (PDF icon Campus Storm Water Davis.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $700,000 Construction
Campus Wi-Fi Phase II (PDF icon WiFi.pdf) Doug Walters (704-687-0523) $3,000,000 Construction
Career Center Renovation (PDF icon Career Center.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $2,000,000 Design
Charlotte Research Institute Entrance (PDF icon CRI Entrance.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $2,500,000 Design
Colvard Renovations () Jeanine Bachtel (704-687-0515) $5,150,000 On Hold
Cone Center Switch Gear Relocation (PDF icon Cone Switch Gear.pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $425,800 Bidding
Cone University Center HVAC (PDF icon Cone Center HVAC.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $1,700,000 Bidding
East Village Infrastructure (PDF icon East Village Infra.pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $5,536,825 Design
East Village Utilities (PDF icon East Village Util.pdf) Jennifer Price (704-687-0518) $2,100,000 Construction
Elevator Upgrades () Jennifer Price (704-687-0518) $3,500,000 Close Out
Elm, Maple, Pine Renovations (PDF icon Elm Maple Pine.pdf) Jennifer Price (704-687-0518) $18,550,000 Construction
Emergency Generator Upgrades (PDF icon Emergency Generator.pdf) Doug Walters (704-687-0523) $1,200,000 Construction
Facilities Operations/Parking Services (PDF icon FOPS.pdf) Brian Kugler (704) 687-0522 $23,298,000 Bidding
Health Wellness Center (PDF icon HAWC.pdf) Donia Schauble (704-687-0520) $66,000,000 Construction
Moore Hall Renovation (PDF icon Moore Reno.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $27,000,000 Planning
Parking Lot 8 Expansion (PDF icon Lot 8.pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $475,000 Design
Reclaimed Water (PDF icon Reclaimed Water.pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $2,100,000 Design
Residence Dining Hall Renovation (RDH) (PDF icon RDH Reno.pdf) John Neilson (704-687-0524) $10,330,114 Construction
Residence Hall Phase XIV (PDF icon Ph 14.pdf) John Neilson (704-687-0524) $38,500,000 Close Out
Residence Hall Phase XV () Donia Schauble (704-687-0520) $4,429,320 On Hold
Sanford Renovation () Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $19,000,000 On Hold
Science Building (PDF icon Science.pdf) Donia Schauble (704) 687-0520 $101,000,000 Design
Scott Hall Renovation (PDF icon Scott Reno.pdf) John Neilson (704-687-0524) $21,900,000 Construction
Softball Training Facility (PDF icon Softball.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $650,000 Design
Student Activity Center IT Upgrade (PDF icon SAC IT upgrade.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $1,800,000 Design
Student Counseling Center (PDF icon Student Counsel.pdf) Jennifer Price (704-687-0518) $4,000,000 Construction
Sycamore Hall Renovation (PDF icon Sycamore Reno.pdf) Brian Kugler (704) 687-0522 $4,200,000 Bidding
Union Deck Expansion (PDF icon Union Deck.pdf) Jennifer Price (704-687-0518) $14,500,000 Construction
West Substation (PDF icon West Substation.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $6,500,000 Design