Facilities Business Office

Welcome to the Facilities Business Office. We manage all issues relating to FM's Budget and Finance, Human Resources, Staff Development and Communications. Please select the area you need, listed on the left-side menu, directly under our name.

Facilities Business Office Areas
Budget and Finance
FM Learning and Development Academy
Human Resources and Staff Development
Service Rates

To provide fiscal management (accounting, budget and analysis) and guidance/assistance in the areas of Human Resources, Planning and Administration to Facilities Management leadership and other university administrators for use in short and long-term strategic decision-making.

The Facilities Business Office is responsible for administrative support of all units of Facilities Management with specific responsibilities for budgeting, accounting, and human resources and staff development.


Business Office Contacts

Name Position Phone
Bennett, Jennah Administrative Assistant 704-687-0814
Brown, Beth Human Resources Specialist 704-687-0554
Ceallaigh, Sherry Business Officer 704-687-0516
Davis, Monique Procurement and Grants Specialist 704-687-0543
Derberry, Clyde Learning and Development Coordinator 704-687-0544
Lewis, Carolyn Human Resources Specialist 704-687-0545
Lynch, NiCole Communications Officer 704-687-0546
Paquette, Noella Accounting Technician 704-687-0547
Perez, Sonia Accounting Reconciliation 704-687-0548
Richardson, Leigh Human Resources Coordinator 704-687-8002
Witherspoon, Melanie Director, Facilities Business Office 704-687-0549