Service Rates


For budgeting and planning purposes, Facilities Management has developed the following utility rates for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  These rates reflect the best available information at this time regarding projected fuel and utility prices.  Actual rates are calculated monthly at direct cost from utility provider’s invoices and will vary slightly from those presented below. 

I. Energy and Utilities


2015-2016 Rates

Change from 2014-15


$0.06103 /KWH


Natural Gas






Chilled Water (SAC)



Hot Water (SAC)



These utility rates are based on the latest rate increase information from our utility providers (Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas/Hess, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities, and fuel oil through the State Purchasing Office).  Please note that natural gas is a volatile market and depends greatly on the weather (major storms, hurricanes, etc.) 

**Electrical rates vary over Campus based on the Duke Energy Rates applicable.

II. Skilled Trades Hourly Billing Rates
Labor rates for Facilities Management craftspeople were approved by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.  Fiscal Year 2016 rates will be effective beginning October 1, 2015. Changes in ARCHIBUS will be reflected on that date.

Increases are a result of legislative changes to fringe benefit rates (medical/retirement) for the current fiscal year as well as a $750 legislative bonus.  In most cases, FM’s labor rates increased by roughly 2-3% with the exception of the Fire Alarms rate which increased to 15% this fiscal year.

Maintenance and Operations                                               NEW 2015-16 Rate

              Automotive                                                                                   $37.58

              Building Environmental Services – Custodial                              $25.01

              Electrical                                                                                      $41.67

              Fire Alarms                                                                                  $45.58

              General Services                                                                         $34.43

              Grounds                                                                                       $29.60

              HVAC/Plumbing                                                                           $40.51


Philip M. Jones, P.E.

Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management