Space Management

As budgets tighten and resources become constrained, campus space has been capturing the attention of college and university administrators across the country. In keeping with national trends and best practices, a new UNC Charlotte Policy 601.4: Space Assignment, Management, and Alteration was approved in July 2013 and is posted here. The policy builds from the several effective space planning, design, and allocation systems already in place at UNC Charlotte and focuses on strengthening an integrated approach to managing space assets across all University academic, administrative, and functional units. 

At the foundation of this new policy is a shared understanding that all UNC Charlotte space is an institutional asset that belongs to the University as a whole.  Accordingly, “highest and best use” space allocation decisions will be assessed in an integrated fashion and determined by institutional academic and strategic priorities.  Through this integrated space management approach units will continue to serve as stewards of their assigned space with an understanding that the University will determine space allocation and/or reallocation decisions based on those institutional priorities.  Effective the 2013-14 academic year requests for space will be transacted by a campus-wide Space Management Advisory Committee (SMAC) as a key element of a sustained, collaborative, and unified approach to managing campus space as an institution-wide asset.  

Click here for the Campus Space Standard Chart. This chart provides the recommended square footage for offices, classrooms, labs, etc.