Members and Voting Guidelines

SPACe voting membership is established as follows:

  • Director of Space Management (Chair) - Kathyrn L. Horne
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services - Keith Wassum
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Union, Activities & Recreation - Jim Hoppa
  • Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Housing and Residence Life - Aaron Hart
  • Senior Associate Athletics Director - Darin Spease
  • Senior Associate Provost (or designee) - Jayaraman Raja
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management (or designee) - Philip M. Jones
  • Senior Director of University Advancement Operations - Tammie Boyd
  • Associate Director for Infrastructure, Charlotte Research Institute - Lester "Chip" Yensen
  • At-large delegate appointed by Chancellor - Lee Gray

Committee ex officio members:

  • Assistant Provost for Institutional Research (non-voting) - Steve Coppola
  • Director of Facilities Planning (non-voting) - Jeanine Bachtel
  • Real Estate Manager  (non-voting) - Richard LaLibert√©
  • Facilities Planning representative(s) (non-voting) - Michelle Embry

SPACe Meeting Guest Attendance and Public Comment Guidelines:

SPACe Meeting Guest Attendance and Public Comment Guidelines