About Us

Recycling has been a part of UNC Charlotte since 1990, when a group of student volunteers began collecting aluminum cans on campus. Over the years, the program has grown in number of staff and types of materials collected. The Recycling Program has received a variety of awards for innovative recycling practices, including Zero Waste Football and Construction/Demolition Recycling. Our team is made up of 16 staff members who administer hauling contracts, provide educational information, and collect recycling from over 1,000 bins per week.  We are seen throughout campus wearing our signature green "UNC Charlotte Recycles" shirts. 

Recycling Staff Photo

Recycling Department Zones- Permanent Technicians

Zone 1: Annette Miller
Atkins Annex, Barnard, Burson, Cameron, Denny, Foundation Building, Garinger, Kennedy, Macy, Prospector, Smith, Winningham, Hawthorn, Martin Hall, Greek Village

Zone 2: Robert Cooke 
Cato, Cedar/Sycamore/Hickory, FM/PPS, FO/PATS, Fretwell, Friday, Greenhouse, Grounds Modulars, J Building, McEniry, Recycling Modulars, Student Health, Wallis Hall, Witherspoon Hall

Zone 3: Robert Marrero
Alumni House, Colvard, Cone Center, Johnson Band Center, King, Niner House, Reese, Robinson Hall, Rowe Arts, Storrs, Phase V, Holshouser, Hunt Hall, Scott Hall, Laurel Hall 

Zone 4: Luis Chalco
Atkins Library, Belk Gym, Bissell House, CHHS, College of Education, Memorial Hall, RUP 1, South Village Dining, Student Activities Center, Woodward, Moore Hall, Sanford Hall, Levine Hall 

Zone 5: Pat Smith
EPIC, Belk Track and Field, Bioinformatics, CEEC, Duke, Football Complex, Grigg, Motorsports, PORTAL, RUP 2, Softball, Student Union, Tennis Courts, Wachovia Fieldhouse, Belk Hall, Lynch Hall, Miltimore Hall

Zone 6: Dot Munson
Shred Shed, Special Requests 

We also have Recycling Technicians that will change zones and move around the campus. 

Robert Bonds
Tonya Day
Amir Patterson
Cody Hoyle
Sam Coleman
Linda Roberts