Recycle at UNC Charlotte

University Policy 713

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is committed to good stewardship of the environment. A key element of that stewardship is the reduction of the amount of solid waste going from the campus into landfills.

With over 2000 bins on campus to choose from, recycling at UNC Charlotte is easy. 

Residence Halls

Most residence halls have indoor bins.  When you move in, you should have received an 18 gallon bin for your room.  It is your responsibility to empty those into the larger bins located in the building.  Housekeeping will then bring the recycling to the loading dock and we'll take if from there.

18 gallon binTop load residence bin

If you live in an apartment style building (i.e. Phase V) it is your responsibility to get it into our large recycling center bin.  We accept aluminum, glass, plastic, chipboard and paper.

Residence bin

Academic Buildings

We have bins located throughout the buildings on campus.  Although the styles vary, they are easy to find.

Grigg bin


Office Recycling

If you work in an office on campus, you should have an small blue recycling bin for paper.  If you don't have one, please contact us.  At your convenience, we ask that you empty your paper bin into the larger "slim jim" bins located nearby.  Our recycling team will collect the paper from there. 

We collect two different types of paper.  Office Blend and News Blend.  Office Blend consists of:  White and Colored printer paper and manilla folders.  News blend consist of:  Newspaper, magazines, slick brochures etc.  We collect them in separate bins because the univiersity receives money for the higher quality office blend paper while the news blend is taken to the local recycling facility for processing into insulation.


Deskside binSlim jim

                     Deskside Bin                                                                  Slim Jims



Please break down cardboard and place it near the recycling bins.  We'll get it from there.


Batteries Only Container

We also recycle batteries.  If you need a battery bin, give us a call.


Other things that you can recycle:  bottles/cans, toner, shred (bagged), styro (bagged), ink jets, cds, and vhs tapes. Please Mark "Recycling" on them and place by the bins.


Recycle outdoors

While outside, just look for these bins that are partnered with trashcans. 


Windsor Outdoor Bin