Campus Assessment

UNC Charlotte is included in the UNC General Administration Sustainability Policy which was passed in 2009. The first assessment of this policy took place in 2015 by the 17 campuses included. This policy is a significant expansion in the reporting required in the UNC General Administration as it takes into account the tracking of energy and water conservation as well as resource conscious construction. 

The Office of Sustainability will do a major assessments every other year using the AASHE Stars system.  STARS covers the entire campus, under the the following four areas: Academics, Engagment, Operations. and Planning & Administration. 

Additionally, as contributing members of the Presidents Climate Commitment, the University and the Office of Sustainability embrace the mission of this commitment, " proactively build a sustainable and positive global future through initiating bold commitments, scaling successful actions, and accelerating innovative solutions among leadership networks in higher education." The Presidents Climate Commitment sees higher education playing a prominent leadership role in shaping research, learning, and communities that inspire and operationalize this positive future. 

In 2016, UNC Charlotte earned the distinction of becoming a Tree Campus USA school from the Arbor Day Foundation for the third consecutive year. This recognition required the development of a plan to effectively manage the trees on the University's campus, use landscaping and trees to develop more inviting public spaces, and take advantage of the opportunities healthy biodiversity provides for educational and communal activities.