Events with a sustainability focus occur year-round - Do you or your organization want to help tackle litter issues on campus, repurpose your old dorm room furniture and school supplies, assist our football stadium maintain its "zero-waste" distinction, or get your building involved with our Green Office program? Contact Tyler Sytsma for ways you can participate!

Upcoming Events:

June 2nd - #WalkCLT 2017

5:00 - 8:00pm

Hosted by Sustain Charlotte, #WalkCLT aims to raise awareness of the role that walking can play as a mode of transportation and the many social, environmental, and economic benefits walking generates for ourselves and our community. Event is free and open to the public. To register, click here.

June 5-7th - Integrated Network for Social Sustainability

Social sustainability has been defined as creating places that promote well-being by understanding what people need from the places they live and work.

UNC Charlotte continues to support this effort through its annual Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS) conference, scheduled for Monday, June 5, through Wednesday, June 7.

The 2017 conference theme is “Smart, Connected Communities,” and the keynote speaker will be David Ludlow, associate professor of European smart cities at the University of West England.

Specific topics to be addressed during this year’s conference include:

  • Community leadership and civic problem solving in Charlotte and beyond
  • Defining smart city governance - architectures of co-creation and integration
  • Educating for engaged sustainability
  • Technology for smart and connected communities: The bridge and the wall

Several panel discussions will be offered throughout this conference, allowing for in-depth exploration of various topics.

Registration for this event is required, to do so, please complete this online form.