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Confidential or sensitive data, or data that is personally identifiable should never be collected or stored on publicly available websites. See supporting documentation for University Policy 311 - Guideline for Data Handling.

To submit an Idea to Facilities Management, complete all required fields (fields indicated with a red *) on the form below and select the SUBMIT button located at the bottom of the form. 

This award is presented to an individual or group of individuals who reflects thinking “out of the box.” 

The idea should be reasonable and provide FM cost-savings and/or improve overall FM productivity; in support with FM’s strategic management goals and the University’s mission. 

Facilities Management goals are:
Goal 1 - Improve Operation and Maintenance of the University's Campus.
Goal 2 - Adapt existing facilities to meet new requirements.
Goal 3 - Deliver new facilities that support the University mission.
Goal 4 - Perfect a customer-focused organization.
Goal 5 - Develop a valued, well-trained, motivated and diverse workforce
Goal 6 - Promote good stewardship.

Amenities are:
1. “Thinking Out of the Box” statue
2. Nomination for UNC Charlotte Employee of the Year
3. Recognition during FM Quarterly Staff meeting
4. Notation in Facilities Focus News
5. Supervisor notation in annual performance review