Information by Project

Title Point of Contact Project Value Project Status
Bioinformatics Fourth Floor Build-out (PDF icon Bio P6.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $11,500,000 Design
Campus Storm Water Improvements Phase 2 (Toby) (PDF icon Regional Storm P6.pdf) Elizabeth Frere (704-687-0558) $850,000 Design
Career Center Renovation () Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $2,000,000 On Hold
East Village Infrastructure (PDF icon East Village Infrastructure (2).pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $5,536,825 Design
Fretwell Cafe (PDF icon Fretwell Cafe_P6 Data Sheet_09-28-2020.pdf) Ashley Sisco (704-687-7811) $900,000 Design
Health Wellness Center (PDF icon Health & Wellness Center.pdf) John Neilson (704-687-0524) $66,000,000 Close Out
Information Technology Infrastructure Upgrades in Rowe, Storrs and Reese (PDF icon PM IT Infra Upgrades 7.31.2020.pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $3,800,000 Design
Intercollegiate Swimming Upfit () Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $3,500,000 On Hold
JW Clay and Robert Snyder Modifications (PDF icon Modifications to JW Clay & RD Snyder (2).pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $1,000,000 Design
Lot 5A Expansion (PDF icon Lot 5A Expansion (2).pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $1,000,000 Design
McEniry HVAC and IT Upgrade (PDF icon McEniry 9-29-2020.pdf) John Boal (704-687-0529) $10,000,000 Design
New Charlotte Research Institute Entrance (PDF icon New CRI Entrance (1).pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $1,500,000 Design
Popp Martin Student Dining Renovations (PDF icon Popp Martin Student Dining Renovations_P6 Data Sheet_09-28-20.pdf) Amanda Caudle (704-687-0534 $10,000,000 Design
Reclaimed Water (PDF icon Reclaimed Water (2).pdf) Brian Kugler (704-687-0522) $2,100,000 Design
Science Building (PDF icon Science Building - 09-29-2020.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $101,000,000 Construction
Science Cafe (PDF icon Science Cafe - 09-29-2020.pdf) Lisa Lanier (704-687-0535) $1,461,631 Design
Starbucks Renovation (PDF icon Popp Martin Student Union Starbucks Renovation_P6 Data Sheet_09-28-2020.pdf) Amanda Caudle (704-687-0534 $500,000 Close Out
Student Activity Center IT Upgrade (PDF icon SAC IT Upgrades (1).pdf) John Neilson (704-687-0524) $1,800,000 Close Out
Sycamore Hall Renovation () Doug Walters (704-687-0523) $4,200,000 Construction