How Do I Become a FAM or Update FAMs for my Department in ARCHIBUS?

This information is for employees who need Financial Account Manager access or need to update their current personnel assigned to approve their department's Remibursable Work Requests or Motor Fleet Reservations within ARCHIBUS Web Central.

If you need to update departmental FAMs, please complete and submit a FAM Access Form to the Facilties Business Office. Information and step-by-step instructions are listed below:


Notes from Facilities Business Office (FBO)

  1. All Faculty and Staff have Archibus access; however, for a FAM account to be set up, a FAM Access Form must be submitted.
  2. Questions about the Financial Account Manager (FAM) Access Form please contact Noella Paquette at 704‑687‑0547
  3. Please send FAM Access Form via campus mail attention Noella Paquette to Facilities management - FBO
  4. FAM Access Form available in PDF Format (Must have at least Adobe 8.0) or use Excel (XLS) Format for those that have the older adobe version)
  5. While filling out the FAM Access Form, please remember to check off which role you are requesting (i.e. Primary FAM, Third FAM) before you submit the form so that FBO will be able to list your role correctly in the FAM list.
  6. If you currently do not have access to Archibus and or need your access roles updated, please contact Facilities Information Systems staff or submit your request via the HelpDesk Online
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