Design Services

Mission Statement

Design Services is responsible for coordinating the planning, designing, and contract administration for Informal Projects and Renovation of Campus space. We work with state agencies, campus constituents and outside professionals to ensure projects are completed in a professional and timely manner while adhering to North Carolina Department of Insurance - Office of State Fire Marshall, University Standards, Budgets and State Procurement Procedures.

At UNC Charlotte, all of our resources - human and financial - are woven together to create safe, useful, clean spaces for the University community. Design Services' business practice is our commitment to all Campus customers by assuring integrity and transparency in all business processes.

Design Services provides various phases of the design and planning process. From Scope & Budget to Project Completion, Design Services helps the customer realize their space needs while assuring compliance with applicable regulations, building codes, and for safe maintenance, operation and protection of University facilities.


Design Services Contacts

Name Position Contact Info
Boal, John
Senior Project Manager 704-687-0529
Caudle, Amanda
Assistant Director, Business Affairs 704-687-0534
Fake, Mac
Assistant Director, Project Support 704-687-0533
Hill, Caroline
Project Manager 704-687-0528
Kelly, Shawn
Assistant Director, Infrastructure 704-687-5597
Love, David
Electrical Designer 704-687-0538
Sisco, Ashley
Project Manager 704-687-7811
Smith, Ryan
Project Manager 704-687-0531
Spataro, Evamarie
Electrical Engineer 704-687-0094
Terry, Steve
Facilities Construction Coordinator 704-687-0540
Wells, Alicia
Project Manager 704-687-7286