UNC Charlotte Facilities Conditions Customer View/CRDM Map

The Capital Renewal and Deferred Maintenance (CRDM) map is designed to illustrate maintenance and renovation needs of campus builUNC Charlotte Capital Renewal and Deferred Maintenance (CRDM) Mapdings as tracked by Facilities Management.

The information outlined is based on customer needs and requests; future University plans, and Facilities Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) building inspections.

The Master List of projects is updated regularly based on new data and campus requirements.

Chrome or Firefox web browsers are recommended for an optimal viewing experience.

Building Ratings

In accordance with industry standards, buildings are color coordinated by their “Facilities Condition Index” (FCI) results.  FCI numbers are derived from the estimated cost of work needed in a building divided by the replacement value of the building. This relates to the cost of renewing the building versus the cost of replacing the building.

The terminology of “Fair” or “Poor” means the estimated monetary value of the projects planned for a particular building are a larger percentage of the building’s replacement cost.  “Poor” means there are more needs identified in a given building; not that the building is unsafe.

Facilities Condition Index (FCI)
Color/Terminology Real Value Percent Conversion
Good Less than 0.05 95% to 100% Compared to New
Fair Between 0.05 and 0.10 90% to 94.99% Compared to New
Poor Greater than 0.10- 0% to 89.99% Compared to New





Viewing A Current List of Projects – Both Funded and Proposed Projects

  • Main Campus Buildings: Clicking on a building will provide a current list of projects planned, the building code, address, date built, exterior gross area, FCI, Estimated Cost of Projects and replacement costs.
  • Center City: Click on the “Zoom to Center City Campus” button and then on the building for a current list of projects planned, the building code, address, date built, exterior gross area, FCI, Estimated Cost of Projects and replacement costs.
  • Projects Not Associated with a Particular Building: Clicking the land around buildings or the “Campus Wide Projects” button provides an updated list of future construction, roadway improvements, and landscape projects.

Terminology Definitions

  • “Parent” projects and “children”: An overall project (the sum of many parts) is referred to as the “parent.” Subproject (children) estimates will add up to the value of the main project (parent) estimate.
  • Project Type:  
    • “Planning” Projects: Future projects identified but not yet underway.
    • “Informal” or Design Services Projects: Projects <$500,000. (May or may not be underway)
    • “Formal” or Capital Projects: Projects >$500,000. Current Capital projects are linked to Capital’s “Information by Project” web page. Click on the highlighted project name to view the updated construction information.             
  • CRDM Status: Current phase of the project (Analysis, Request, Prioritized, Construction).
  • Upfit: When a project does not affect the FCI of a building since it is an aesthetic or programmatic enhancement, not an improvement to building conditions.
  • Project Status: Current project status. (Request, Design, Created, Submitted).
  • Project Estimate: Estimated cost of the project.
  • Project Summary: Description of the project.

For questions, please contact Kathryn Horne in Facilities Planning at khorne16@uncc.edu