Where can I recycle?


In academic and administrative buildings, staff and faculty have deskside recycling with mini-trash bins. Once these bins are full, faculty and staff are required to empty their recycling and trash into centralized bins located throughout each building. Recycling staff empty centralized bins daily Monday - Friday, and Building Environmental Services maintains a similar cleaning schedule Monday - Friday (in most buildings). Staff do not empty indvidual trash containers or recycling bins. Recycling staff empty more than 1,200 centralized recycling bins every day, so you help our crew by emptying your bins into the centralized stations. Check out our campus wide map of recycling bin locations in all academic and administrative buildings for your nearest centralized recycling and trash station. 

Recycling Bin


UNC Charlotte followed the lead of many other universities by removing all trash and recycling bins from the classrooms, and creating centralized waste stations throughout the buildings. Students and professors are asked to take their waste to the centralized stations that include container recycling, paper recycling and bins for landfill bound waste. Many buildings have a combination of built-in custom units and the three bin system seen below. 


In the residence halls, students have recycling bins in their rooms to collect recycling. Students are asked to empty their recycling into centralized recycling stations located either in their residence hall's trash rooms or lobbies. Housing & Residence Life staff move the material from the centralized rooms to the loading dock where recycling technicians collect the recycling. 

Residence Hall Recycling Bins


There are hundreds of outdoor recycling bins throughout UNC Charlotte's campus. Please look for these to properly dispose of your plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other recyclables. 

Outdoor Recycling Bins


In these buildings, please check with your building liaison for recycling locations and details. 


Campus staff can safely dispose of fluorescent lamps, lead acid batteries, latex paint, and e-waste at the Universal Waste Shed.  A form must be filled out prior to dropping anything off. It can be found here

For questions, please email us at recycling@uncc.edu or call us at 704-687-0607



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