Repairs and Building Maintenance

Facilities Operations is organized into zones. Buildings are assigned to one of the zones listed below. Assigned buildings are listed in alphabetical order for each zone. You will also see the Zone Maintenance Manager's contact information. 

Zone Maintenance Manager, Paul Taylor (O) 704-687-0563 (C) 704-776-1951

Zone 1

Supervisor: Lance Anderson                     (o) 704-687-0852; (c) 980-722-0542
Admin Support Group                                (o) 704-687-0562

Assigned Buildings: Athletic Storage, Barnhardt SAC, Belk Gymnasium, Bissell House, College of Education, College of Health and Human Services, Harris Alumni, Harris Blvd., Radio Tower, Hayes Stadium, Irwin Belk Track, King, Miltimore-Wallis, Memorial Hall, NRFC Fieldhouse, Reese, RUP 1 & 3 (Regional Utility Plant), Student Union, Wachovia Fieldhouse and Woodward


Zone 2

Supervisor: G. David Smith                               (o) 704-687-8975; 
Customer Service Line                                      (o) 704-687-0562
Assigned Buildings: Ben Craig Center, Ben Craig Lot, Bioinformatics, Foundation, Duke/Centennial Hall, EPIC, Grigg Hall, Kulwicki Motorsports, Mint Museum, Observatory and RUP 2 (Regional Utility Plant)

Zone 3
Supervisor: Kenyel Spaulding                          (o) 704-687-1510; (c) 704-762-0376
Admin Associate:  Jessie Miller                        (o) 704-687-1504

Assigned Buildings: Center City Building


Zone 4 - Food Service

Supervisor: Chris McKinney                          (o) 704-687-0570
Customer Service Line                                  (o) 704-687-0562

Assigned Buildings: Cafeteria Activities Building (CAB), Residence Dining Hall (RDH) and South Village Crossing (SoVi)


Zone 5

Supervisor/Oversees Elevator Contract : David Smith      (o) 704-687-0582; (c) 704-654-6612
Customer Service Line                                                       (o) 704-687-0562

Assigned Buildings: Barnard, Belk Tower, Cato, Colvard, Cone, Denny, Fretwell, Friday, Garinger, Johnson Band Ctr., Macy, Robinson, Rowe, Storrs, Summer Programs and Winningham


Zone 6

Supervisor: Joe Loder                                (o) 704-687-0578
Customer Service Line                               (o) 704-687-0562

Assigned Buildings: Atkins Library, Auto Trailer, Biology Storage, Burson, Cameron, FM Annex 2, FM Annex 3, FM/Police, Grounds and Grounds Storage, Grounds Greenhouse, Heating Plant, J Bldg/FM Annex 1, Kennedy, McEniry, Motorsports, Rcvg and Stores, RUP 4 (Regional Utility Plant), Solvent Storage and Student Health Center 


Zone 7

Supervisor: Josh Hyatt                                 (o) 704-250-0517; 
Admin. Associate: Karen Richardson           (o) 704-250-5016

Assigned Buildings: UNC Nutrition Research Institute and NC State University Plants for Human Health Institute