Get Involved

Do you want to get involved in campus sustainability? 

There are many opportunities to do so, from going to the Student Earth Club Meetings to writing articles for the campus newsletter.  Here is a list of opportunities that you can pursue to become a UNC Charlotte campus sustainability champion.
Students on campus

Get involved with student groups:

Sustainability is about making a positive impact; whether that is environmentally or economically, in the local community or across the world. Students can work on addressing social justice issues, promote the importance of voting, or volunteer for good causes, all by getting involved with student organizations. Depending on what impact you are looking to make, you can almost certainly find an organization that fits your needs. Take a moment and looking through the extensive list of groups you could get involved with today by clicking here. Also, keep in mind that students can get involved with your green fund by submitting proposals to the Charlotte Green Initiative (CGI), the student organization that allocates funding for campus projects that have a positive impact on the community. 

Campus Events

There are many campus events promoting recycling and sustainability on campus.  The most prominent events are Earth Day, Campus Clean-Up, tree planting and Campus Sustainability Week. 
Earth Day and Campus Cleanup are run by the UNC Charlotte Recycling Office.  For more information on these events please go to the recycling page.  The recycling department also runs the an Adopt-A-Spot program and Take-it-or-leave-it tour.  You can follow the Recycling Department on Twitter and Facebook @unccrecycles.
Campus Sustainability week takes place every October and is aimed at highlighting campus sustainability efforts and getting students involved in campus sustainability efforts.  Campus Sustainability Week is organized by UNC Charlotte Students and the Sustainability Office.  If you have ideas or want to get involved in the planning of campus sustainability week please contact Tyler Sytsma.
The Sustainability office hires two sustainability Interns per academic year, one undergraduate and one graduate student.  If you are interested in being in intern please contact Michael Lizotte at
We want your ideas and suggestions!  Campus sustainability programs are nothing without the input of ideas from our students faculty and staff.  We value and want your input.  If you have an idea for a campus sustainability initiative please contact Michael Lizotte at
We will constantly update this page to reflect new opportunities that arise enabling you to get involved in campus sustainability.
Finally, remember to complete the campus sustainability pledge which can be found on this website.
Michael Lizotte, Ph.D.
University Sustainability Officer