Apprenticeship Program

Approximately 10,000 people retire per day as the baby boomer generation becomes of age.  A large percentage of these retirees are tradesmen. In losing these skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen, the need to identify, hire, and retain new talent is paramount.

The Facilities Management (FM) Apprenticeship Program, is a flagship program in the UNC System established to fill the gap in the area of trade skills. The program provides selected applicants the opportunity to train under the guidance of skilled tradesmen, learn trade skills theory in a community college classroom setting and work full-time in the FM department with an opportunity to establish a career.

During the four-year program, apprentices work and train in our facilities, alongside mentors and journey to advanced tradesmen. 

In 2019, the program’s inaugural year, two apprentices were hired  as electrical apprentices. As the program evolves in the coming years, other trade skills will expand program offerings.

Read through a list of Frequently Asked Questions for program details and qualifications to apply.