FO Resource & FAQ Page

The FO Resource & FAQ Page is intended for Facilities Operations personnel reference only.
Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and other FO resources and/or links.


   Here you can find information regarding access to ARCHIBUS, as well as other basic FAQs related to ARCHIBUS.

FO Customer Survey Results

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Miscellaneous Forms 

   Here you can find information regarding the following forms:  

  • Disposing and transferring multiple items from your department. 
  • Hiring a new, existing, or transfer employee into your work group. 
  • Requests for Banner Finance/49er Mart Access.
  • Sick leave, vacation, or bonus leave that may be donated (The Voluntary Shared Leave Program).
  • The granting of a waiver from the Competitive Solicitation Process.
  • Notifying the Purchasing Department that goods need to be returned to a vendor.
  • Using the correct incident reporting procedure.

Miscellaneous Resources

Policies & Procedures

   Here you will find Facilities Operations Policies and Procedures.

S Drive

   Here you can find information regarding access to the S Drive.

SDI Exchange

   Here you can find information regarding access and facts to SDI Exchange.