FO Resource & FAQ Page

The FO Resource & FAQ Page is intended for Facilities Operations personnel reference only.
Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and other FO resources and/or links.

AIR Submissions (ARCHIBUS Issues for Resolution)

Air Submissions are intended to resolve issues in ARCHIBUS that you cannot resolve on your own. To solve these issues, fill out the form here.       

        Examples of issues in ARCHIBUS include, but are not limited to:
  • I am receiving an error message.
  • I created a work order, but for some reason I cannot see it in the system.
  • I need help with a work order status. 
  • ARCHIBUS is not exporting to excel.
  • Preventive Maintenance work orders are not printing correctly.
  • I am not receiving ARCHIBUS email notifications.


   Here you can find information regarding access to ARCHIBUS, as well as other basic FAQs related to ARCHIBUS.

Employee Positions Report

   Here you can find information regarding the Employee Positions Report. 

FO Customer Survey Results

   Improve Customer Service Satisfaction: 

Miscellaneous Forms ​ ​​

   Here you can find information regarding the following forms:  

  • Disposing and transferring multiple items from your department. 
  • Hiring a new, existing, or transfer employee into your work group. 
  • Requests for Banner Finance/49er Mart Access.
  • Sick leave, vacation, or bonus leave that may be donated (The Voluntary Shared Leave Program).
  • The granting of a waiver from the Competitive Solicitation Process.
  • Notifying the Purchasing Department that goods need to be returned to a vendor.
  • Using the correct incident reporting procedure.

Miscellaneous Resources

Policies & Procedures

   Here you will find Facilities Operations Policies and Procedures.

S Drive

   Here you can find information regarding access to the S Drive.

SDI Exchange

   Here you can find information regarding access and facts to SDI Exchange.