Adopt-A-Spot Guidelines

Be a part of taking care of the campus community!

The Adopt-A-Spot program is an opportunity for your student club or organization to have a designated spot on campus that you are able to adopt, and take care of. We currently have 18 university organizations that have adopted locations, but we have space for more!

Steps to join Adopt-A-Spot:

  1. Send an email to Steve Olson at of the Recycling Department for more information on how to apply for a spot.
  2. Of the provided options, work with the Recycling Department to choose your desired campus spot.
  3. Have the sign made, and officially “Adopt-A-Spot.”

Club / Organization Responsibilities:

  1. Your organization will be responsible for completing a minimum of three cleanups a year, involving checking out litter pick-up sticks from the recycling department each time. It’s generally recommended to complete one each semester, and one in the summertime.
  2. Not keeping up with your Adopt-A-Spot routine cleaning maintenance can results in losing your designated spot on campus.

For more information, contact the Recycling Education Coordinator, Steve Olson at for more information on how to get started.

See the other great organizations already particating by checking out the list of existing organizations

**If you are the current designated contact person for your Adopt-A-Spot, visit this Clean Up Google Form to make a litter pick-up reservation for your routine cleaning maintenance.**