CGI (Charlotte Green Initiative)

Please go to the main website of the Charlotte Green Initiative to learn more about the student green fund, how to apply, or how to join the student committee.  The CGI website also has more complete lists of projects large and small.  Below, we share some photos of projects the Sustainability Office and other campus partners helped to support.

Recent Projects

2017 - Charlotte Wheels bikeshare arrives on campus (bike docking stations were purchased by CGI)

2016 - 28 electric vehicle charging stations installed across campus under a grant from the Clean Fuels Advance Technology program (signs paid for by CGI)

2015 - New bike racks being installed at EPIC and Grigg

2015 - Staff Community Gardens installed (Composting equipment for this and the student gardens provided by CGI)

Picture of staff gardens

2015 - Repairs to eroded bank and installation of new bridges in the Botanical Gardens.

(After repair)

(Testing during heavy rain) - It worked


2014 - 2018 - Supported sheds, signs, tools, plants, and multiple events for the Student Garden.

Student Garden

2014-17 - Multiple grants to support Zero Waste and compost collections at football games.