How Do I Submit a Key or Card Access Request in ARCHIBUS?

Key/Access Requests forms are submitted electronically in ARCHIBUS.
The ARCHIBUS access request process provides the Lock Shop easier request tracking, card access and physical key assignment & processing and automated system email notifications to customers.

Please contact the Lock Shop at 704-687-0589 or 704-687-0588 for any questions about keys and card access.

To Submit a Key Request in ARCHIBUS:

  1. Log into ARCHIBUS using your Ninernet Credentials.
  2. After logging into ARCHIBUS, select Key Management module from the navigation list, and then click on the Request Room Access within the New Key Customer role.
  3. Select the New Request button located in the upper right corner of the Access Request windowpane. The form will display in the right windowpane for completion.
  4. You will need to filter and add the student or employee name to the Requested For field. Select SAVE in the upper right corner of the form. The Select Rooms view will display.
  5. On the Select Rooms view, filter for the building name and select the floor number from the dropdown to display the building floor plan. Click on the room(s) needed from the floor plan and then select Add Selected to save the room number(s) to the access form.
  6. After adding your room(s) and any comments, select Submit.
  7. The access request will be sent to the assigned Departmental Key Manager to approve.
  8. After the acess request has gone through the approproiate approval levels, the access request will be sent to the Lock Shop for processing.
  9. Once the access has been granted or the key is cut and the request has been processed by the Lock Shop, an email will generate for the individual to inform them that the card access has been granted or that they may pick up their assigned key, if a physical key was issued.

For additional detailed information, please see our Key Management Customer training available in CANVAS at

If you have additional questions in reference to ARCHIBUS, please contact Facilties Information Systems personnel.

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