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About FM311

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The FM311 group’s primary mission is to ensure the customer receives premier service.  Whether this is through the processing of their WR in a prompt, concise manner, or speaking to the customer to resolve an issue or provide an update. 

What is FM311?

FM311 is responsible for Monitoring the 311 phone and helping customers who call in with:

  • WR issues,
  • Emergencies
  • Inquiries, and 
    • Triaging WRs and routing them to the proper shop, or routing to PDC if WR is determined it should be a project rather than a WR, and
    • Triaging Vehicle reservations and routing them to Motor Fleet.

FM311 is not responsible for:

  • Triage or routing new or lost key requests
  • Triage or routing space requests
  • Triage or routing informal/formal project requests
  • ​Triage or routing Motor Fleet vehicle requests
  • Entering Estimated charges
  • Closing the WR
  • Preparing the WR for billing, or 
  • Approving 49er Mart requisitions.


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For other issues, contact the Customer Service Line at 704‑687‑0562 (open 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM, M-F).